TTK team successfully completed pump overhaul in Krško Nuclear Power Plant

End of October Krško Nuclear Power Plant completed a regular plant overhaul in which for the first time a team of 25 TTK’s pump service engineers and controllers,  participated.

Overhaul works were related to pumps in the plant’s secondary cycle and have been prepared in detail since spring 2019 following a successful audit and acceptance of TTK by NPP’s controllers.

All of the planned works, which included 50 work orders were completed within the stipulated deadlines, and TTK team received an excellent rating as a new contractor and a green light for continued cooperation on future overhauls and even for pumps in the plant’s primary circuit.

This year overhaul of the nuclear power plant lasted only 28 days and it involved more than 1,400 external contractors from Slovenia, Croatia and foreign companies.

TTK personnel in NEK secondary cyle

NE Krško