Successful commissioning of 1570 kW turbo-generator in Količevo karton proizvodnja kartona d.o.o., Slovenia

On 02.07.2020. TTK has signed a formal Commissioning and handover report with Đuro Đaković TEP, an EPC contractor of the new power plant, for a new turbo-generator, which was delivered on 11th of September 2019. to a new investor’s power plant in Količevo karton proizvodnja kartona d.o.o. in Slovenia.
With this signing, this project of delivery and commissioning of a new 1570 kW turbo-generator has officially completed, and the warranty period began. The turbo-generator was completely designed and built in TTK, and all tests and trial runs were performed during the May despite all the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
This is the first of two turbo-generators delivered to Slovenia during 2019, which proved the operating parameters and that the handover took place within the planned project deadline.