New manufacturing and assembly hall TTK

New manufacture hall of Turbine works Ltd, located in the bussines area Karlovac is completed and released into use c, Logorište – Belajske Poljice, a few kilometers from the center of Karlovac.

Hall with its 1200m2 of usable floor area and 10m in height to the crane hook is designed and intended for installation and machining work on steam turbines up to 25 MW of power and other plant equipment, as well as turbo compressors, water turbines, semi-axial and axial pumps, gearboxes and similar plant equipment.

Hall workspace is served by two cranes of which the main crain has capacity of 25 tons and auxilliary has capacity of 6 tons. There is also a assembly area of approximately 400m2 and a special area for pressure testing of 100m2.

The hall is equipped with dynamic balancing machine, universal horizontal milling machine and a large lathe – machine specifications are listed below.

In addition to these machines, there is also reserved space for vertical lathe with working diameter up to 3.5 m, and smaller auxilliary machines (lathes, milling machines, etc.). The facility also contains spaces for staff, tools, compressed air station and other auxiliary facilities.

This hall is a significant investment, and the first phase in the expansion of Turbine Works Ltd. production capacity,  which hereby confirms strategic commitment to the development, manufacture and maintenance of power equipment, and above all, steam turbines and pumps, as well as greatly increasing the existing opportunities and opens new directions for development of the company.

Dynamic balancing machine –„SCHENCK“,  type H6V

  • Measuring electronics Schenck CAB 920 ST:
(latest generation of electronics)
  • Lenght of workpiece:
L= 8500 mm
  • Min. i max. masa of workpiece:
M = 150 – 18000 kg
  • Max. diameter of workpiece:
D=2400 mm
  • Min. i max. diameter of journals:
50 – 400 mm
  • Achievable residual unbalance per plane at 1000 rpm:
4,18 gmm

Universal horisontal drill – mill, „Lola Ribar“ type BG 180P

  • Diameter of working spindle:
180 mm
  • Pillon’s horisontal travel:
7.000 mm
  • Vertical spindle travel:
3.000 mm
  • Work table:
6.500 x 4.500 mm
  • Turning work table:
2.200 x 2.200 mm
  • Axial travel of spindle:
1.300 mm
  • Capacity of turning table:
16 tona
  • Capacity of work table:
25 tona

CNC Lathe, „POREBA“ type TC2B-300CNC x 8m -3/2

  • Maximum diameter of workpiece:
3.000 mm
  • Maximum lenght of workpiece:
8.000 mm
  • Maximum weight of workpiece:
25 tona