Large project successfully completed for Energetika Ljubljana, Slovenia

TTK has successfully completed a large project for the customer Energetika Ljubljana – a major heating and power plant in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The project consisted of a general overhaul and modernization of the 42 MW turbine and a revision of two more turbines, 50 MW and 30 MW.
All three turbines are condensing steam turbines with regulated subtractions, originally manufactured by Jugoturbina. With the successful commissioning of the 42 MW turbine on 09.11.2020. one of the most demanding projects were completed, where in addition to the overhaul, the modernization of the turbine regulation and protection system were performed together with other subcontractors.
To the satisfaction of the customer, the entire project was done well and without delay, despite the many problems brought by the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus.