Following the successful project in Količevo, the project of delivery of another 800 kW turbo-generator to Melamin d.d. was also successfully completed

TTK has on 15.07.2020. signed a Commissioning and handover report with the buyer and investor Melamin d.d. from Kočevje by which it has successfully completed the second project for the delivery of a new turbo-generator in Slovenia.
Similar to turbine for Količevo project, it is a high-efficiency multi-stage backpressure steam turbine for electric generator drive and provides an 800 kW electric power output. The turbo-generator was delivered according to the schedule on 16th of December 2019. These final tests and handover were carried out during the June due to many problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, however all were completed on schedule and to the satisfaction of the end customer.