Delivery of first steam turbo-generator unit to Slovenia, max. electric power 1570 kW

After only 9 months from the entry into force of the contract, on. 09/11/2019. TTK completed production with factory assembly and delivered its first steam turbo-generator unit to Slovenia. Turbo-generator of maximum electric power of 1570 kW (nominal 1350 kW) is intended for new power plant at the Količevo Karton facility and was delivered under contract with the EPC company Đuro Đaković TEP from Slavonski Brod, Croatia.
This is the fourth new generation turbo-generator unit produced in TTK and first out of two intended for delivery outside Croatia, i.e. Slovenia.
TTK’s success in winning this prestigious contract in great competition with Western European steam turbine manufacturers, is also due to the fact of many years of excellent cooperation in maintaining existing steam turbine units in the buyer’s facility, which is a guarantee for continued successful cooperation in the future and reliable operation of the user’s production process.

The trial run of the plant is expected in spring 2020. and final handover in June 2020.

Completed turbo-generator unit in TTK factory

3D model of turbo-generator developed in TTK

Turbine’s flow section, all components manufactured in TTK

Delivery from TTK’s new plant on 11.09.2019.

Unloading and positioning on the foundation,12.09.2019.